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  • We are purchasing a home, why should we do a zoning analysis on the property before buying?"
    Very simply, if you plan on expanding the home you are buying, you need to know if you can before it is too late. Most people expand their families assuming they can also expand their home to accommodate a growing family. You don’t want to find out you can not expand due to zoning regulations when you are ready to start a family and need more space. Understanding a properties potential ( or lack of potential ) allows you to make an informed decision and allows you to place more or “ less” VALUE to a particular property.
  • We are selling our home, why should we do a zoning analysis on the property before selling?"
    You may have a beautiful home with the latest and greatest features but if you can add to the sales pitch that your home is also expandable on the property then you add real VALUE.
  • We are thinking of expanding our home, why should we do a zoning analysis on the property before expansion or building new?"
    Before hiring an architect and spending thousands of dollars on designs, you should know before hand if you are able too.
  • Does having a zoning analysis preformed add VALUE to our home?
    YES!! When you know the full scope of a properties potential it allows you to: SELL BETTER –BUY BETTER –BUILD BETTER.
  • What is the VALUE of having a zoning analysis performed?
    Think about it, for a small fee, you can find out if your property has the ability for additional expansion. If so, there in lies the VALUE, you can easily add 10k –50k to the property value if you have the information. Without the information, that VALUE is then lost and never realized. Remember, you are not only selling or buying a home in it’s current state but you should be selling and buying longevity and future property potential. VALUE! VALUE! VALUE!

Value in ZONING

Scott C. Bella - Architect

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